Visit Ulvön Island

Out here, the mainland is a long way behind you, with only the open sea ahead.

You will find yourself in a remarkably beautiful in-between country, with picturesque fishing villages and unspoilt nature, and you will be fascinated by the steep cliffs that plunge deep into the sea.

Ulvön is the largest tourist destination in our archipelago, with great cultural value thanks to well-preserved boathouses, residential buildings, and hacks for drying fishing nets.

Once upon a time it was Norrland's largest fishing village and is sometimes called the pearl of the Bothnian Sea or Norrland's Sandhamn.

Here, you can take a stroll along the harbour road past the many iconic red fishing huts.

This is the location of the Ulvö chapel with its beautiful wall and ceiling frescoes. Dating back to 1622, it is one of the oldest chapels along the coast of Norrland.

A walk up to Lotsberget for a panoramic view over Ulvöhamn Harbour and the archipelago is highly recommended.

For everyone interested in culture, a visit to Ulvö Museum is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the cultural history of fishing, fermented Baltic herring, and mining activities.

For children, there are lots of things to do at Ulvö Hotel, including a heated pool, mini golf, a beach volleyball court, playgrounds and barbecue areas.

Another good tip is to add a day trip to the itinerary, to Northern Ulvön, Sandviken fishing village, Fjären or Norrsand swimming beach.

Take the boat from Köpmanholmen – see the link: