Hiking to Slåttdal Crevice (Slåtterdalsskrevan)

If you're planning to hike along part of the Höga Kusten trail, we recommend a trip to Slåttdal Crevice.

The crevice is a 200-metre long, 30-metre deep, 7-metre wide passage that divides Slåttberget into two parts.

The crevice was formed by the movements of the sea.

Footbridges cover nearly half of the trail. Other parts have a lot of rocks and roots and can be difficult to walk on.

The distance to the crevice is just over three kilometres, and the difference in altitude is approximately 200 metres, so take your time and wear sturdy shoes. A walking staff or Nordic walking poles are recommended.

Once you've reached Slåttdal Crevice, make sure to check out the viewpoint on the north side.

If you choose to take the path over Slåttdalsberget on the way back, you can enjoy even more impressive views, weather permitting.

To see a map, click on the link:  https://www.sverigesnationalparker.se/park/skuleskogens-nationalpark/